Faxing / Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

In the 2012 study, “How Effective Are Short Message Service Reminders at Increasing Clinic Attendance? ” it was found that Reminder Messages can cut Cancellation and No Show rates by 50%. 

Since the release of our Appointment Reminder system we have seen this play out in real life. The chart below shows data from an actual Clinic Controller user who gradually increased the number of patients to whom they were sending reminder messages.  In March the client started opting patients into the system.  By June they had the 75% of their patients in the system.  Their cancellation / no show rate dropped from 16.44% to 9.88%. This resulted in 84 more visits seen in June at a cost of just over $97.

2-Way Integrated Faxing Capability

Many systems on the market today allow for outbound faxing.  Clinic Controller has the ability to also receive incoming faxes that can be quickly and easily associated with a patient case without ever having to go to paper.

With the integrated faxing you can quickly fax out Plans of Care, Evaluations, and other supporting documents to Referring Doctors, Case Workers, Insurance Adjusters or anyone else that needs this information.

When faxes are sent out of the system a HIPAA log of everything that was sent, whom sent it, to whom it was sent and why it was sent is recorded.

Below is a cost comparison of sending out a Plan of Care manually via a paper fax vs. the integrated faxing:


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