The Schedule is the starting point for any modern practice management solution. A truly integrated and comprehensive schedule should be able to track not only appointments, but also cancelations and no-shows, deleted visits, patient payment status as well as working hours for therapists and other schedulable resources such as private treatment rooms or technicians, ,aids and other staff. A schedule should be able to display all this data in a friendly, coherent manner and be able to report on all aspects of the data collected. The schedule should remove the necessity to ever have to track any statistics manually.

The Clinic Controller schedule does all of this and more.

Our flexible design allows you to create many different views of the schedule, enabling you to see your schedule the way you need it for the task at hand. With our unique Layout Editor, you can customize almost every facet of the schedule display. This includes vertical and horizontal layouts, how many hours are seen at a time, which therapists or resources are visible as well as what order they are displayed along with a list of other features that may be turned on or off.

In addition to looking and working the way you need it to, the Clinic Controller schedule also feeds the documentation and billing systems. When a visit is checked-in on the schedule, the system knows immediately that a visit needs notes and charges.

Overview of Features

  • Easy patient Check-in: Visual indicator shows which patients have and have not been checked in. When patients are checked in, they instantly appear in the system as visits that need charges and notes.
  • Color Coded Appointments: Create as many different appointment types as needed and color code them to any color.
  • Color Coded Working Hours: Modify the background color of the schedule to show what a therapist is doing at different times of the day -Working with Patients, In a Meeting, Paperwork Time, In-Clinic with a Doctor etc… These working hours are reported on as well.
  • Unified: Allows instant access to patient cases, notes, visit and payment histories. Allows the schedule to display patient payment information on the screen and informs the front desk of how much a patient owes and allows them to post the payment directly from the schedule.
  • Multi-Clinic Friendly: Designed with multiple clinics in mind, allowing users to quickly switch between different clinics in a company and schedule therapists to work at multiple clinics.
  • Customizable Alert System: Create system alerts that look for conditions like expiring prescriptions and visit limits.
  • Patient Appointment Sheet: Print a full page patient appointment calendar showing all of their scheduled visits for the month. This looks like a page out of calendar, which can display your logos and phone numbers.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Schedule: Allows you to see the schedule the way like it. Horizontal, or timeline view, maximizes screen space and minimizes scrolling.
  • Waiting List: A fully-featured waiting list that allows you to specify exactly when and where a patient is looking for an appointment. The system continually monitors the schedule and alerts you when a time slot is available that meets the patient’s needs.
  • Visit / Case Symbols: Allows you to put two custom icons on an appointment that you can use to signify such things as insurance type or a reminder to call the patient.

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