Best Practices for Your Clinic’s Budget

Best Practices for Your Clinic's Budget

Managing your budget for several clinic locations can be overwhelming and chaotic without a unified approach and strategy. To keep your business flowing smoothly, it is important to implement practices to manage your budget and keep your operations on track, which will lead to increased revenue and improved overall patient satisfaction. With Clinic Controller: Therapy you can manage your practice and your budget from one comprehensive, unified and well-designed platform that provides the necessary tools to stay organized while managing your various locations.

Use Reporting to Identify Problem Areas in Your Budget 

Without the right tools, developing and applying a successful budget for your business can be a tedious endeavor. You can take advantage of the reporting function of our Clinic Controller: Therapy application to help gather the information you need to analyze and create a budget that will work for you. This solution was designed by therapists, for therapists; the comprehensive reporting system covers your clinic’s operations from every possible perspective, allowing you to oversee all revenue and expenses.

Executive Reporting

The executive reporting function of our application offers a single report summarizing various areas of your business. This report provides an overall view of your business’ finances and productivity and its current overall state by detailing information in areas such as:

  • Therapist productivity
  • Clinic productivity
  • Billing and collections
  • Referrals
  • Business cycle
  • Historical aging

Standard Reporting

As part of our interactive standard reports, you are able to focus in on specific inquiries to expedite completion of certain tasks with the capability to identify:

  • Missing Charges – alerts you to any checked-in appointments that have not been charged or who have not made a payment
  • Insurance status – sorts all carriers and cases by aging bin in order to assist your staff in calling and filing of pending insurance claims

Base Reporting

Base reports are created with data mining in mind to develop new reports with features such as:

  • Manipulating column data with basic spreadsheet functions
  • Filtering and grouping rows by custom criteria of your choosing
  • The ability to publish reports to share with other users of the application among your clinics

All of the Clinic Controller’s reporting functions feature the ability to:

  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Drive the Form letter module for mail merges
  • Adjust permission levels for created reports and users

Efficient Scheduling Will Keep Your Clinics on Track

An organized and coordinated scheduling strategy will keep your practice in motion by managing your therapist’s and office time efficiently. The scheduling function of our Clinic Controller: Therapy application includes a number of intuitive features that benefit the management of your practice such as:

  • Easy patient check-in, with a visual indicator appearing instantly in the system— showing status and any needs for staff charges and notes
  • Color-coded appointments and working hours help categorize patient care by therapist availability and organize working hours between patients, meetings and paperwork 
  • Multi-clinic use is designed to allow users to switch between clinic profiles and schedule therapists for multiple clinic locations
  • Alert system that looks for conditions such as expiring prescriptions and visit limits
  • Custom schedule display views to maximize screen space and minimize scrolling
  • Virtual waiting list continually monitors the schedule, alerting you to any open time slots that meet patient needs
  • Visit/case icons signify details such as insurance type, or patient call reminders
  • Appointment reminders can cut cancellations up to 50 percent by sending an automated text or phone message to patients regarding their appointments
  • Two-way integrated faxing capability sends out plans of care, evaluations and other supporting documents to referring doctors, caseworkers and insurance adjusters 

An Organized and Easy-to-Use Patient Portal is Key to Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

In order to effectively manage your clinics, you must have the ability to integrate your patient’s information into the various aspects of your practice for it to be accessible from one location.  Billing, scheduling and documentation are critical to ensuring all processes are followed with each patient and you are able to provide a high-level of care and service. 

With our Client Controller: Therapy Patient Portal, you are able to electronically integrate your patient’s information into a unified platform from the moment of intake— giving them access and control of their care, appointment scheduling and billing.

Our Client Controller Patient Portal allows patients to:

  • Schedule or modify appointments
  • Make necessary payments
  • View medical records and any documentation made visible by staff
  • Communicate through a “chat” feature to connect directly with therapists or staff regarding care, while remaining HIPAA compliant

Maintaining Equipment

It is crucial your clinics are equipped with the necessary tools for your therapists to provide the highest quality service and care available. You must ensure that while budgeting for your clinics, you are considering allotting expenses to be used towards the routine maintenance of equipment.  

Plan Your Spending Wisely

Designate a time of year to make any large purchases or upgrades to your facilities. It is advisable to wait until the conclusion of the year to allocate the proper amounts that can be used in this manner without affecting the continuity of your clinic.

Managing several facilities is no easy endeavor, but finding an application that can seamlessly integrate each clinic into a unified platform will allow you to effectively oversee and manage the finances and operations of your company successfully. Our Client Controller: Therapy application can help you stay organized and informed regarding the current state of each of your clinics through its reporting, scheduling and patient portal functions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you get the management of your clinics on the right track and path to uniformity and success.  


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