Physical Therapy Blogs to Follow in 2020


Whether you’re a Physical Therapist or running a physical therapy office, your time is valuable, and there never seems to be enough of it. Your wish list includes reading journals and books on the profession, knowing you’d receive useful advice on the physical therapy trends, patient care, and other related topics. However, there aren’t that many hours in a day.

Blogs are short and sweet; they generally take less than 10 minutes to read and get right to the central ideas, providing the industry news and insights you need. Here are some of the best physical therapy blogs to follow in 2020.


This blog is the product of Mike Reinold who worked as the head athletic trainer and physical therapist for the Boston Red Sox. In addition to a blog, Reinold offers a podcast sharing stories and advice he learned from his years in physical therapy. His blog covers topics including patient care, business advice, workload management, and how to network and build relationships with other healthcare professionals. 

2. Forward Thinking PT

Joseph Brence started the blog Forward Thinking PT, which covers a variety of areas pertaining to the practice and business of physical therapy.

He offers free resources with more detail and insight into running a physical therapy practice and highlights the practical aspects of physical therapy including a free e-book on patient care plans.

3. Evidence in Motion

Geared toward helping people who are new to the field of physical therapy, the Evidence in Motion blog covers a wide scope of topics such as building referrals, leading your team, and a better understanding of your patient’s pain levels and how to treat them. The blog also looks at important social issues such as racial inequality in healthcare and how you can impact change in your practice. In addition, the website is updated regularly with podcast and webinar content for you to enjoy.

4. The Physical Therapy Advisor

While The Physical Therapy Advisor is written to an audience receiving physical therapy, this blog makes the list because it can give you insight into the patient journey. It’s also a great resource for advice that you can share with your patients to help them make personal and therapeutic progress.

5. Athletico Physical Therapy

If you’re looking for a blog that centers on the patient’s experience, then Athletico Physical Therapy is not one to skip over. The blog topics examine the best ways to treat specific injuries and offer injury case studies to review. Dive into content that tackles the emotional impact that certain injuries have on people and what can motivate a patient to recover, and ways to practice empathy patients during treatments. In addition, Athletico’s website offers a partnership with a PT store where you can find medical and exercise equipment, and use their coupon to get a discount. 

6. Baudry Therapy Center

For content to remind you of your passion for physical therapy, check out the blog by the Baudry Therapy Center. Entries include patient stories of triumph over an injury that was keeping them from the life they wanted, and how physical therapy helped them reach their goals. Additional blogs include tips and ideas that you can implement in your own practice. 

7. UpDoc Media

For physical therapy clinic owners, UpDoc Media is a blog that you must read. This blog gives business advice for managing a physical therapy clinic. With topics covering billing, patient care, marketing and handling referrals, there is something for everyone.

You’ll also find up to date information on timely issues and trends such as technology for medical practices and protocol for safely interacting with patients during a pandemic.

8. PT Think Tank

Launched in 2006, PT Think Tank covers health, science, and industry news. Eric Robertson was the original author, but more recently has included content from guest writers across the physical therapy industry. Readers are encouraged to share their views and opinions to create a discussion on trending topics. 

9. Therapydia

Speaking on primarily sports-injury physical therapy, Therapydia speaks to patients, but can be useful for you to learn more about the latest physical therapy trends and gain knowledge to share with your own clinic staff and patients.   

10. Pink Oatmeal

Pediatric physical therapists need to bookmark the Pink Oatmeal blog. With new and fun motor activities, the blog offers practical advice that you can put to work in your own practice. The blog has documentation resources and other helpful forms for your business.

11. Dinosaur Physical Therapy

Managed by a pediatric physical therapy clinic, the Dinosaur Physical Therapy blog offers help on teaching children to crawl and walk. It delves down into subjects affecting mobility, such as flat feet and picking the right therapeutic shoes for children. 

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