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Billing and Claims for Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists

98% Claims Acceptance Rate

With superior clearing house ratings, clean claims and high (98%) acceptance rates, our payment posting structure follows the flow of money through outpatient therapy clinics to reduce costs and improve collections – ensuring your claims are being processed quickly and accepted by insurance. From claim generation and flexible billing methods to custom reports and claim formats, our software system is built for physical, speech, and occupational therapists. Our claims are scrubbed through a rigorous process, classifying them as either billable or non-billable before being included in reports for you to see the issues, and fix them quickly. When payments are posted or applied, they read like an explanation of benefits (EOB) keeping confusion to a minimum.

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Patient and Carrier Payments can be posted at any time, even if not immediately applied – simplifying payment handling and encouraging collections


Scheduling function allows front office personnel to view balance status for patients and post payments without having to leave the schedule screen


Smart filtering displays patients and visits eligible for payment application, including contract information to confirm payment accuracy.


One click posting model with right-click access to per diem payments, payment adjustments, and notes

Patient Ledger


Detailed ledger showing all visits, charges, each individual payment and adjustment, and links back to original payment


835 EOB’s received from your clearing house or carrier are fully supported

Electronic Remittance Advice / Auto Posting


Auto Posting gives the biller as much control as manual posting while eliminating extra data entry

Your clinic deserves the best EMR software platform. Experience the A2C Medical difference.

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